Friday, June 3, 2016

It's All About the Food!

According to Prevarian Senior Living Managing Principal Allan Brown, senior residents tend to complain the most about two things: the temperature and the food. The days of batch cooking three meals a day and serving them on white tablecloths at 7 am, noon and 5:30 pm are gone, says Brown. Residents of senior living communities want greater variety, meals customized to their own tastes, healthier food options, and more freedom to eat where and when they choose. Capital Senior Living Senior Vice President Carey Hendrickson says the food director is one of the most important employees at their senior living facility. Capital Senior Living's food directors get creative and collaborate with each other on menu offerings.

According to NPR, despite a reputation for bland, institutional fare, hundreds of retirement communities around the nation now tout their restaurant-like dining experiences, with food that is fresh, local and cooked from scratch.

The importance of food to our daily life and its central position in quality of life programming is one of the reasons Community Crier Social Software offers a dining module. Our dining page offers easy to use, full function services to streamline work for food directors and provide one-stop, user friendly information for residents.

  • Food directors, chefs, dining hall staff can:
    • post daily menus in a central, easy to access, online forum 
    • make last minutes changes and updates with a few key strokes
    • pre-load set menus and set active dates to streamline work flow
    • upload photos or maps to dining locations
  • Residents can 
    • easily find the information they need to make dining choices 
    • check-in on menu selections without having to call multiple locations or bother staff
    • send themselves a reminder or email friends an invite to join them for dinner directly from the menu listing


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