Thursday, May 12, 2016

Montessori for Seniors

Senior Living Executive Magazine reports that Montessori methods can improve quality of life for seniors with memory impairment. A recent study by Taiwan’s National Yang-Ming University studied the use of Montessori principles and activities to help seniors with memory issues. "Sixty-three seniors with dementia who experienced 24 sessions combining spaced retrieval and Montessori-based therapy displayed improved eating habits, a higher body mass index, and less depression than 27 seniors who received routine memory care." 

Maria Montessori
Montessori core principles include respect for self and others, self-directed learning, learning through cooperation and collaboration among peers, and learning as a multi-sense process where touching, manipulating, smelling, hearing, seeing, and tasting are all important parts of the learning process. Its educational program is designed around the belief that the physical, emotional, social, aesthetic, spiritual, and cognitive needs and interests are inseparable and equally important. 

Janina Bogner, MS ( says, "The philosophy of the Montessori method is to create persons who are as independent as possible, able to make choices, while being treated with respect and dignity. It assumes that persons want to be independent, show the abilities they have, and learn new ones; so it offers meaningful activities in environments designed to accommodate their needs. The method works with adults who have mental and physical impairments and builds upon the older adult's remaining abilities."


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