Wednesday, May 18, 2016

AARP on Senior Living

The AARP has a great article on their blog about Senior Living. One of the key points they make is that not only are we living longer, we are living better! There are over 106 million people over the age of 50 in America. People who are engaged, active and "comprise a new 'longevity economy,' which is larger than the economy of any country except China and the United States."

They also write, "Innovation is driving the new reality of aging, and technology is the driver of innovation. We have come to expect technology to help us live longer and better. We demand products and services that meet our every need. We're planning for the future: where we'll live, how we'll get around, how we'll stay connected, how we'll get health care and long-term care and how we'll make our money last. We're thinking about how to live a longer life in the best way possible, and we are drawn to innovations that help people of all ages live longer lives and improve the quality of life for everyone."

This is what Community Crier Social Software is all about!  If you work or live at a retirement community, or if you have a loved one who does, our product can help make life richer, fuller and more rewarding for residents, while lowering costs and helping staff be more effective and efficient, and helping families stay connected.  For more info, call Doug at (513) 349-9932 or email

Full AARP article here:

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