Monday, April 25, 2016

Technology and Seniors

Seniors are increasingly tech saavy
As Baby Boomers grows older, they are changing the face of retirement in unexpected ways. The Boomer generation, having borne the brunt of caring for their own aging parents, doesn't want to burden their adult children with their own care-giving, but they often find the daily work of cooking, cleaning, and maintenance of a house is too demanding. As a result, many are making the move into retirement or independent living communities, a trend that is only going to grow the Boomer generation has just begun to hit their seventies. recently posted an article describing how retirement communities are evolving rapidly to fit the needs of Boomer residents. And the number one item was technology.

Reporting results from,"A recent survey conducted by Mather LifeWays with Life Services of Illinois in late 2008" Senior Homes writes: "Independent living is at the top of the list for most seniors and most are serious about technology. That means that senior living communities must offer state-of-the-art systems for computer-savvy seniors. Those leaving the workforce today have become accustomed to and very adept at building their careers and a portion of their personal lives around computers. Seniors want services available that will allow them to maintain independence."

We couldn't agree more! While stereotypes depict seniors as unconnected, lacking tech saavy, disdainful or even fearful of new technology, reality is that seniors are increasingly online. Research from the Pew Trust from 2012 revealed that 75% of seniors aged 65-70 use the Internet; 68% of those 70-75 do; and nearly half those between 75-80 do.  Higher income and more educated seniors are even more likely to use the internet. Among seniors with an annual household income of $75,000 or more 90% go online while 87% of seniors with a college degree go online. As a younger generation moves into retirement, independent and assisted living communities, clearly they are going to look for facilities that have modern, state of the art technology tools.


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